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4-STAR Productions is a video production company based in Tuckahoe, New York. 


Founded in 2004 by Travis Andersen, 4-STAR's video production services are primarily targeted toward those businesses or individuals, that cannot or will not, pay exorbitant fees for their video production needs. The fact is, we have learned how to work within tight budgets without sacrificing quality. 


Travis' experience in Production Management and Video Production includes MTV Networks on shows such as House of Style and The Tom Green Show, and WGBH Boston for shows such as Simply Ming and NOVA.


The 4-STAR name comes from a BMX Trick Team which Travis started in the 1980s. After BMX Travis went on to downhill racing around the country.  Though the trick team members have gone on to new adventures Travis has kept the name alive.  Travis still rides today and when the weather is bad he can be found restoring classic bikes.

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Our Services


From training videos to a message from the CEO, 4-Star Productions will work with your company to develop your ideas and translate that vision to the screen.


Competition. Intensity. Elation. Disappointment. Drama. Life. 4-Star Productions can duplicate your live event in an engaging video.


From conception to action plan, scheduling to budget, the planning starts here. We handle all entertainment production services for the entire project.



Pre-production starts with the script. Storyboarding, casting, props, set construction, costumes, budgeting, and acquiring resouces for lighting and special effects.



Wether its on location or in a studio or both, 4-Star Productions is ready to shoot in 4K or HD to make your vision a reality.



Finished shooting? We take your raw footage and transform it to your final vision. With state of the art hardware & Software including Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects, Photoshop.


Testimonials & Clients

"Travis is an incredibly energetic and highly skilled television production specialist in addition to his considerable budget management skills for television projects. He shoots, he edits, he budgets, he rides mountain bikes, he's a production gear geek of geeks (in the best way). He wears so many hats, I can't recommend him more highly. What else can you ask for in a tough production setting?"


Harlan Reiniger

Independent Broadcast Professional---Documentary Editor, Television Producer at WGBH Educational Foundation

"Travis is an extremely loyal, dedicated and hard worker who gets things done. He's dependable, consistently delivers exactly what's needed and is always approachable - endearing himself to everyone he works with. Working with Travis is great."

Andrew Davis
Best-selling Author & Marketing Speaker

"Travis and 4-Star Productions have consistently been terrific to work with. Professional and easy to collaborate with, his photos and videography creatively captures the essence of our craft brewery and products effectively. We have utilized Travis work across a variety of projects, ranging from our interactive website to product packaging. A highly recommended partner."
Lyle LaMothe
Co Founder Broken Bow Brewery


"I have had the pleasure of working with Travis the past few years while we both served as vendors to Putnam Investments. In my role as Producer and Director, I had the opportunity to work very closely with Travis on many different video and multimedia programs. I was impressed by his technical expertise with all types of shooting and editing equipment, as well as his familiarity with delivery formats and broadcast requirements for live shots. In addition, I found him to be a great collaborator and a calming presence during particularly stressful productions. He is a great asset to a production team, and has many skills to offer. I highly recommend him."


John Doucet

Owner, John Doucet Film & Video, Inc.

"Travis is a complete professional. He has handles our live television broadcasts with CNBC, MSNBC, and FOXBusiness with ease. He has production experience across the complete spectrum as well as the editing experience to complete our projects from start to finish.Travis has the full complete of skills, he is personable, professional, and confident in executing each project." 


Mark McKenna

Financial Services Marketing Professional

Putnam Investments

"Great work on both videography and editing. Thanks again Travis! "


George R. Wilbanks

Partner at Wilbanks Partners, LLC

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